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J. Dianne Dotson

When: Thursday, July 22nd 2021 7pm EST

Where: Virtual Event (Register Below)

J. Dianne Dotson dreamed up other worlds and their characters as a child in the 1980s in East Tennessee. She formed her own neighborhood astronomy club before age 10, to educate her friends about the universe. In addition to writing stories, she drew and painted her characters, designed their outrageous space fashions, and created travel guides and glossaries for the worlds she invented. As an adult, Dianne earned a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology, and spent several years working in research.


“LUMINIFEROUS closes out the QUESTRISON SAGA in a big way. Lots of action, heartbreak, and devious twists….and an ending that you won’t see coming. Very satisfying and highly recommended!” – Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of V-WARS and BLACK PANTHER: DOOMWAR

“Unmissable.” — Gareth L. Powell, author of EMBERS OF WAR

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