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Charles Dodd White

When: Thursday, January 28th 2021 6pm EST

Where: Virtual Event (Register Below)

To begin our series, Charles Dodd White will join us to discuss his book How Fire Runs: A Novel, the Southern Independent Bookseller's 2020 Fall Book Pick. Charles received the 2018 Appalachian Book of the Year from the Appalachian Writer's Association for his earlier book In the House of Wilderness. How Fire Runs: A Novel is set in rural Appalachia and is told through the voices of three different present-day narrators. This harrowing novel about white supremacists attempting to take over a small town focuses an unflinching eye on America's ongoing, fraught relationship with racial and political injustice. The publisher, Ohio University Press, has generously offered a 21% discount with free shipping if ordered before January 31st from their distribution facility (800) 621-2736 or online at (Promo code: FIRE21)

How Fire Runs: A Novel

A chilling, timely reminder of the moral and human costs of racial hatred.

What happens when a delusional white supremacist and his army of followers decide to create a racially pure “Little Europe” within a rural Tennessee community? As the town’s residents grapple with their new reality, minor skirmishes escalate and dirty politics, scandals, and a cataclysmic chain of violence follows. In this uncanny reflection of our time, award-winning novelist Charles Dodd White asks whether Americans can save themselves from their worst impulses and considers the consequences when this salvation comes too late.

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