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Angie Hyche

When: Thursday, February 11th 2021 7pm EST

Where: Virtual Event (Register Below)

Kingsport organizational expert, Angie Hyche will discuss her new book, Unholy Mess--What the Bible says About Clutter. In our culture of abundance, we are called to have a healthier relationship with our belongings. This book provides tips and scriptural references for us to refocus our joy in our relationship with God and not on what we buy or do with our stuff! Angie shares tips about ridding not only the physical clutter in our lives, but the clutter claiming our schedules and attention in this age of technology and multi-tasking. Join us and be inspired. Also there will be a drawing for one lucy attendee to receive a free copy of Angie's book! (The winner will be able to pick it up at the library after the talk.)

Unholy Mess: What the Bible Says About Clutter

Do you feel empty even though your life is full?

Have you lost the ability to focus on what really matters because your home, your schedule, and your mind are cluttered with the insignificant? Do you long for a deeper relationship with God that isn't crowded out by the unholy mess you've accumulated? Then this book is exactly what you needUnholy Mess will:

  • Open your eyes to the pervasiveness of clutter and its far-reaching effects.
  • Encourage you to examine how your clutter is holding you back from the peaceful and focused Christian life you desire.
  • Provide inspiration from Scripture for a healthy relationship with your possessions and a deeper relationship with God.
  • Share stories of the freedom that comes from letting go.
  • Give you practical steps to overcome the obstacles, organize your home, and maintain the order.

Reading Unholy Mess will empower you to find the simplicity that lies beneath the clutter, to rekindle your passion for God, and to enjoy a peaceful and ordered life.

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